About Me

Hi Everyone !

My name is Lia and I am so happy you are on my site. I hope you are interested in my services because I truly love doing SF City Hall Wedding Day Hair and Makeup!

A little about me … I have lived in this wonderful and dynamic city for almost 8 years. I enjoy going to the museums, traveling the worlds of Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and hopefully more of the world. I enjoy learning about different cultures, experiencing new foods, learning and appreciating life’s abundance.

I have 2 Parrots that are my children. They do talk and say many many words. I love them very much, I also have a precious black cat named Kona, that I adore so much. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with ingredients. I love taking walks at the parks here in the city and just appreciate the endless fresh air San Francisco has, along with the beautiful architecture. I love having little coffee dates with my long time over due boyfriend of almost 8 years, lol. I promise it will happen – it’s all time :).


I like to be happy, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and listen to good music that moves you from of all genres. I still to this very day play with makeup as if I was 10 years old.

Last but least – I mostly enjoy giving back to people as much as possible, whether it’s through time, or donations and most all enhancing everyday people with Hair and Makeup into fancy sophisticated women for their very own special Wedding Day.  I hope one day we get to cross paths and if so make it the day of your Wedding day here in San Francisco.

With Love and Celebration,

Lia Negrete

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Collective








SF City Hall Fact :

Did you know Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio at the San Francisco City Hall in 1954?